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Corporations and academic institutions join WorldDenver in order to show support for our mission and to affiliate with a respected organization that is connecting Denver to the world.  Corporate and academic members are offered opportunities to meet with visiting dignitaries, to have right of first refusal for sponsorship of events that are targeted to their interests, and to host events and briefings. 

Around the country, globally-savvy companies find many reasons to support their local world affairs council (WAC) or council for international visitors (CIV). For more information about becoming an academic or corporate member, please contact Lauren Osga at 720.330.9287 or email [email protected]

“Thanks for organizing another excellent meeting by WorldDenver.  We were glad to be part of it."  –Carol, Attorney, Sherman & Howard L.L.C., Event Sponsor of "Immigration Policy: Where Does the U.S. Stand?"

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