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At WorldDenver, membership is the core of our organization, providing the base of support, financial and voluntary, that allows us to be effective. Providing value for our membership and high quality in our programming is crucial to sustaining our commitment. 

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 "WorldDenver has given Canada the opportunity to connect with the broader Colorado community. The events they host provide visibility and impact with a very informed audience." 

- Marcy Grossman 

Consul General, Canada


" WorldDenver and other groups like it around the country create uniquely valuable opportunities to engage our citizens in world affairs. and when they host international visitors, these citizens represent the best American qualities of openness and warmth."

 - Ambassador Dennis Ross 

"My vision for the future of Denver is global in scale. In this age of information, technology, and global commerce, it is essential for Denver to be connected with the world community. WorldDenver has that connection." 

- Harry T. Lewis, Founders Circle 

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"As we connect our our community to the world through our speaker and visitor programs, we are building an international mindset here in Colorado through education and engagement. Please join our Diplomats Council today and enjoy the benefits of belonging to the global set!"   - Karen De Bartolome, Founding Former WorldDenver Executive Director 

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