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At WorldDenver, membership is the core of our organization, providing the base of support, financial and voluntary, that allows us to be effective. Providing value for our membership and high quality programming is crucial to sustaining our commitment to our mission to strengthen and expand the community of engaged global citizens in Colorado. Your contribution and support helps us to welcome hundreds of international visitors and connect them with local people, businesses, companies, and organizations all across the front range, host donzens of events throughout the year for our members and international visitors alike, and bring in over $1 million to the local economy. 

As a member, you will be invited to WorldDenver events and have the opportunity to learn from leading experts on pertinent current affairs and engage in opportunities for citizen diplomacy. You will also learn about visiting international delegations and have the opportunity to host them or join their meetings as a volunteer escort. We extend invitations to members for receptions with some of our most engaging visitors. In addition, you are eligible to receive discounts on publications and have the opportunity to travel with World Affairs Council members from other cities in our network. Above all, you will meet and form new friendships with people who, like you, are interested in world affairs and citizen diplomacy.

To support our mission, we invite you to join the ranks of WorldDenver members! As a member, you would have access to a variety of benefits including:

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1. What will my expiration date be and how will I be notified?

WorldDenver membership is good for 12 months from date of joining or renewing. 10 months from your membership purchase, you will be asked to renew through an email. 

2. Is my membership tax deductible?

WorldDenver is a 501(c)(3) organization. Because the benefits of membership are "intangible", we believe the membership fee is a tax deductible contribution. However, it is always best to consult your tax advisor to determine the deductibility of membership.

3. Do my spouse and I have to buy two separate memberships?

No. A Basic 1+1 Membership is for you and one other:  When you purchase this membership in your name, you are the core member and you have the flexibility of 2 options.  You may (1) designate a second core member to share the full basic membership benefits with (such as a spouse). These can also be shared with a designated partner or friend. Or, (2) share your membership discounts with friends at WorldDenver events throughout the year!  One friend is welcome to attend each event as your guest at the member-rate.

4.  Why upgrade to a Premier Membership?

Premier Membership with WorldDenver provides access to exclusive speakers and events with some of our most prestigious visitors. 

Questions? Contact Talia Reynolds at [email protected] or 720-330-9284   .

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