Our Programs


The WorldDenver Speaker Series offers a unique opportunity for Coloradans to learn about current issues in world affairs from those who are at the forefront of policy making and scholarship.  Each month, we host networking events featuring distinguished authors, international thought leaders, and policymakers.  Speaker events provide members an opportunity to connect with each other while getting “behind the headlines” on important current issues in international affairs. Learn more


WorldDenver connects the Colorado community to the rest of the world through the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). For 70 years, this program has brought leaders and specialists from around the globe to Colorado to meet with their professional counterparts and experience life and culture in the United States. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, the program enables ordinary Americans to participate in grassroots diplomacy, influencing future foreign relations through their interactions with these international visitors. Learn more


WorldDenver administers fee-for-service professional exchange programs, designing unique programs carefully tailored to program and participant objectives.  Clients include the Institute of International Education, Meridian International Center, the U.S. Russia Foundation, the Open World Leadership Center, the U.S. Embassy in Belgium, FHI 360, and WorldLearning. WorldDenver is a member of the National Council of International Visitors. Learn more about Professional Exchanges and Youth Exchanges.

WorldDenver is the local host organization for a variety of youth delegations throughout the year. These young international visitors engage with leaders, and experts in a particular field in order to gain valuable perspectives and build important skill sets while staying with a host family* and interacting with local peers in Denver. These programs are sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and other clients.

Travel Programs

WorldDenver offers fantastic opportunities to visit different and unique parts of the globe! Recent trips include: Iran, Madagascar, Azerbaijan & Georgia, and more. Learn more


The goal of WorldDinners is for international visitors to get a glimpse into the lives of everyday Americans and to experience genuine hospitality. The most important aspect of the evening is the conversation and the connections – which can have a tremendous impact on both sides.

Homestays are a unique opportunity to host one or more international visitors for anywhere from a couple nights to a full month. Compared to World Dinners, homestay hosts are able to make deeper connections with their guests as these programs provide a longer period of contact and even more opportunities to share ideas about cultural values and ways of life. Learn more about WorldDinners and Homestays