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Julia Ioffe - What Does Putin Want? 

Julia Ioffe came to WorldDenver with a decisive message about Putin. Though Russia seems to be cloaked in mystery, the country’s principal objective is to simply keep pounding the State’s power, impact and influence worldwide. Offering a glimpse into Putin’s past, Ioffe tied together the string of events, both personal and global, that spell out Putin’s Statist strategy. 


The first line of inquiry looked back at Putin’s KGB days (Soviet Union intellegence service), the memory of which are embedded in his every move. Stationed in Dresden Germany, a few weeks following the fall of the Berlin Wall, Putin was on the receiving end of mass protests. Calling Moscow for orders he was met with a resounding silence. A deleterious sign of the State's weakness from Putin's point of view. Thus, spinning forward to 2017 when protest 50,000 large came marching to his doorstep in Moscow, alarm bells began to ring once again. 


Delving deeper into the issue, Ioffe reasoned that the moment that Hillary Clinton voiced Putin’s fraudulent elections “were not ok,” it was considered by  the Russian government as a form of endorsement. Essentially giving the green light for unsatisfied citizens to protest. So, although Ioffe could not confirm an alliance between Trump and Putin, it was evident that the Clinton’s were in the bad books. Consequently, landing themselves at the end of Russia's meddling tactics, right in center of the USA 2016 electoral campaigns.



Allegations of Trump’s compliance with Russia, is according to Ioffe more a question of an appeasing shift of governmental strategy, either intentionally or inadvertently, by the President. Firstly, his defiant aproach to “Make America Great Again,” by pulling the USA from globalization efforts. In Russia’s eyes, as one superpower steps down there opens space for another to seize the stage. Furthermore, you have anti-NATO rhetoric, support of Brexit, a cut back on democracy support and not forgetting misogyny. Ioffe filled the audience in on the meal time ritual described by Putin’s ex-wife. She said that when she used to bring dinner to Putin, when he liked the meal he would simply chew in silence, whereas if it disappointed he would pushed the plate away, also in emphatic silence. Apparently, this is tied to Putin’s belief that women should not be overpraised. All in all, a solid number of reasons that Putin would not exactly oppose the new Republican government.  


Next, Ioffe analyzed some more overt propaganda techniques implemented to emphasise Putin’s strength, despite him being 66 years old. She flashed through several professional photos shoots of the Russian President, for example shooting, firing a crossbow and even working out topless. Moves apparently directed at rumors circling about the successor to Russia’s leader, ergo reinforcing his power and mirroring his own endurance with that of the State. However, with the average life expectancy of Russian men at 66.4, his convalesce moves have only ensured a stable short-term future for Russia, and an extremely unstable long-term one.



In the end, Julia Ioffe explained that the Russian population are mostly discontent, since the world is scared to do business with them and a harsh stereotype is often present. The Russian government strives to be taken seriously in the world arena, and do so through manipulation and interference. Their incessant meddling in turn gives them a chance to “solve” global issues. President Putin is indifferent to religious or political affiliation, and soley aims at perpetuating the State of Russia, by any means possible. Although Ioffe believes Putin is completely transparent, she still emphasized the threat of such a single-minded leader. 





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