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World Affairs Challenge


Registration for WAC 2023 is now closed. 

There are 3 ways to participate in the World Affairs Challenge Program, all of which lead to the Global Championship competition.

WAC Open Competition

A group of 3-8 people can form a team to join the WAC Open Competition, which begins with the Collaborative Question experience in January. The team will research a problem and outline a S.M.A.R.T. solution that they could potentially implement, and make a pitch presentation of their project to a panel of judges in the preliminary round championship in late February. The top 20% of the teams registered in the WAC Open will qualify to expand their project & presentation and move on to present at the Global Championship in the spring.

Intramural WAC

Schools can register to host their own WAC competition within a class or across several classes or grades. WorldDenver will provide the resources to build a WAC program timeline that fits the school's schedule. The top 20% of teams from within the intramural WAC competition will qualify to expand their project & presentation and move on to present at the Global Championship in the spring.

WAC Virtual Exchange (WACVE)

High school students in the US and the MENA region participated in this 8-week international collaboration to research a problem and propose a S.M.A.R.T. solution! WACVE took place from September - November, and the top 20% of teams qualified to move onto the Global Championship.

Global Championship

The Global Championship takes place in early April. The top teams from the preliminary rounds (WACVE, Intramural WACs, and the WAC Open Competition)  will submit an updated video of their project research & proposed solution for judges to review, and then will meet with judges in a Q&A session. The top 3 middle and high school teams qualify to apply for a mini-grant to support their project implementation, and will be invited to present their project at the WAC Winner's Showcase in Denver, CO in May.

Question about participating in WAC? Email us at