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Global Cup Challenge

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WorldDenver's Annual Global Cup Challenge

October 4, 2023

What is WorldDenver's Annual Global Cup Challenge?

Global Cup Challenge is WorldDenver's annual high-energy pub-style trivia night on world affairs, hosted by the Young Professionals each fall. Grab your friends and come make new ones as teams go head to head for a night of international trivia, exciting prizes, and unforgettable entertainment. 

Join us on October 4, 2023 for the 11th Annual Global Cup Challenge!

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Teams and Registration FAQ

How many people can I have on a team?
Teams are made of 3-6 members. If you have 7, make two teams of 3 and 4!

I don't have a team but I still want to play! 
Don't worry! You can register as an individual and either choose to participate solo OR we can group you with 2 to 5 other trivia enthusiasts! We recommend the latter as team participation gives you the opportunity to collaborate with your fellows and hopefully make some new friends! It also provides you the greatest advantage with the trivia scoring system. For more information on scoring, see below!

I am working on pulling together my team, but I don't have everyone confirmed yet. 
It is easiest to register once you have your full team confirmed, however if you want to add on additional team members (up to the max limit of 6), all they need to do is register themselves and add your team name when prompted during the process.

What if I have more than 6 people on my team?
We recommend splitting into two teams. Our prize packages are designed for teams up to 6, so any additional people on the team will stretch the distribution of the prizes more than is enjoyable for all team members.